Conflict Resolution features a selection of work taken from The Small Conflict Archive, a collection of fragments, markers and traces of minor conflict, which can be easily found on the surface of any modern town or city. The publication aims to subvert our understanding of the nature of conflict and turns toward the familiar in search of its roots.

164 Pages full colour
Design by Pierre Hourquet
Produced with the support of the Victorian Equal Opportunities and Human Rights Commission 
Section sewn paperback with de-bossed cover
20 x 27 cm
1st edition 1000
Special edition of 20 copies in presentation box with ephemera and 4 pigment prints
ISBN: 978-0-646-58818-6

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The Anatomy of Business aims to present a distorted compendium of the gestures and motifs that make up the visual language of modern business. This is achieved by linking de-contextualised elements from the photographic archive of a 1980′s financial newspaper, to images produced in direct response on, the streets of Melbourne.

64pp unbound 52gsm newspaper print
19.5 x 25 cm (black and white throughout)
1st edition 1000
ISBN: 978-0-646-57963-4


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