The Gallows

By law, convicted sex offenders in the United States, are required to register their personal details with authorities for a period of between 15 years and life, depending on the severity of their convicted act.

This information is then made public via the internet and is subsequently disseminated by various organisations, statistical websites and mobile device apps.  What constitutes

a sex act  varies by state. For example, in 13 states public urination and in 29 consensual teenage sex, require the registration of an individual on the database.1 As a result, around 750,000 Americans are registered sex offenders, with their names, addresses and often portraits, within easy reach of anyone with an internet connection.

The images in The Gallows are taken from Google Street View and are the direct referent of the information given by a national data aggregation website.  The area indicated by the accusatory A , superimposed as a marker on the street view by the software, is then “cut out” using Photoshop and the resulting image appropriated by the project.